Expert writing, editing, copy-editing, and proofreading of books, magazines, newsletters, websites, and anything else featuring the written word.

We admit it: we were those kids, the ones in English class who, like Hermione Granger, raised our hands with frantic enthusiasm because we knew an answer when the rest of the class didn't. The ones who sauntered up to the blackboard to diagram a sentence. The ones who took home blue ribbons in spelling bees and who got called out time and again in grade school, in high school, and in college to read papers aloud because our work was deemed the best. 

Back then such accolades could be an embarrassment. Today, it's a business.

MSP International, Inc. is a network of writers, editors, copy-editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers for whom no project is too large or too small. From books to magazines to newsletters to websites, we can handle it all. 

Our prices are reasonable, our work is unrivaled. It's just that simple.

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Remember: when writing ends, editing begins.

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